We arrive in Beccles!

Our start-up in Henstead was only meant to be temporary… and sixteen months later we made the decision to push forward with the move to Beccles.  There was nowhere suitable to rent at an affordable price and renting would not give us long-term security.  Then we were offered a plot of land on Beccles Common to rent but we would not be allowed (and couldn’t afford!) to build on it…so the container idea was born.

After discussing our plans and getting permission, we purchased four metal containers and had the insides cut out so we could make one big open space.  These were delivered on two lorries, with lifts, to the edge of the Common.   The site had been levelled and prepared in advance so the four quarters were then transported, one at a time, on tractors with trailers and positioned on the site.

The four quarters have been re-assembled and made watertight and the long job of turning them into a proper “Men’s Shed’ is well under way.  There is a lot of work to do and it is likely to keep us busy for quite a while before it is fully operational.

Some members are involved in this work and others are continuing (as best they can in the circumstances !!) to make items for sale.   Drop by on a Monday or Wednesday morning to say hello and we will be out and about at the Worlingham Fete in September.




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